Graphics Packages

Are you a company in need of graphics from time to time, and you’re not always sure what you need? BUY TIME! Whatever fits into time purchased
graphics, presentations, Basic Web Development (excluding eCommerce), e-mail blasts, whatever it is you need buy a graphics package and call on us
when you need to use your time!


$ 725

Per Month
  • 25 Hours of Custom Design Time
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Full-TimeMost Popular

$ 1000

Per Month
  • 40 Hours of Custom Design Time
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$ 1400

Per Month
  • 60 Hours of Custom Design Time
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Are these the only plans?

Absolutely not!  We have standard hourly  packages, however to purchase smaller increments of time you are working against the purpose of the project, request a quote and be as detailed as possible with your needs.  

How does a hourly graphics package work?

EVERYBODY, EVERY COMPANY, EVERY BRAND NEEEEEEEEDS a graphic designer in their back pocket. Whether its to spruce up your weekly e-mail blast, post awesome graphics on your social media account, design a presentation, whatever the case may be sometimes its great to just have that RIGHT ON CALL! Sign up for hourly services today!

When does work begin after purchase?

24 Hours after you have paid for services – you are welcome to submit your projects via the submit a project form. You will be sent back estimated seconds/minutes/hours as to how long that particular task may be, and it is deducted from your pre-paid time. How do we keep it fair, whenever your project is worked on our designers are punched in to a time-clock that is also reported to you. You can work via e-mail/phone/chat with your designer to get the job done.  

Can I cancel at any time?

There are NO REFUNDS on web development. 1/2 is due at the time of project start and the 2nd 1/2 of the payment is due at project completion.